Since 2017, Horizonte Positivo, a Costa Rican business association, has pioneered the development of the bMPI with over 40 companies and shown it to be both effective and inspiring for employees and managers. 

To date, 11,031 households have  been interviewed, finding that  14.1% of households  live in multidimensional poverty. 

Initiatives like financial education,  entrepreneur courses, childcare support, education programs, access to medical attention, housing solutions, among others are being implemented by companies. 


Horizonte Positivo had been involved in the development of the Costa Rican national MPI. Board member Ernesto Categnaro, Chairman of BAC Credomatic Bank, Costa Rica asked: “Might there be multidimensionally poor people working in BAC?”

With OPHI and Horizonte Positivo, BAC and two other companies implemented the bMPI  and discovered there were MPI poor in all three companies. The bMPI was born.

BAC Costa Rica Manager says this on the impact of the bMPI at the bank after a year and a half:

“We are particularly proud of our initiatives to eradicate poverty within our staff and reduce it significantly in our country. BAC Credomatic was the first bank in the world to apply Oxford’s Multidimensional Poverty Index with its staff, identifying that 12 percent of them were living under poverty conditions. BAC Possibilities is a program designed by the bank to eradicate poverty within its staff. It consists of subsidised loans—supported by donations from its own managers; psychological support; financial coaching, and a care network for elderly, disabled or very young family members.”



The Purdy Oportunidades program was created after the analysis of the results of a bMPI census of employees. Knowing family situations, different projects were developed to improve the quality of Purdy People and their families. 

“One of the main benefits has been the quality of the information provided by the bMPI: knowing in detail the reality of the employees and their families.”

Mónica Morales, Coordinator, Purdy Motors / Toyota Dealer Costa Rica