Multidimensional Poverty and Vulnerability to COVID-19

noviembre 12, 2020

Using data from the Global MPI 2020, with IDRC support OPHI has written two policy briefs on the overlaps of the global MPI data and COVID.  One focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, as is now available. A similar paper will be published shortly on Latin America.   The published report on sub-Saharan Africa is entitled Multidimensional Poverty and Vulnerability to COVID-19: A Rapid Overview of Disaggregated and Interlinked Vulnerabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. This briefing provides evidence on the situation across 479 subnational regions and 40 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. It maps some simultaneous deprivations that people are already facing so that policy actors can adjust their COVID-19 responses based on differing levels of vulnerability