Who We Are

sOPHIa Oxford is a newly formed independent not-for-profit organization. It is Oxford University’s first social enterprise spin-out, formed in partnership with the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).

Our vision

Our vision is a world in which those who profit harness their own abilities in the global effort to end poverty.



Our mission

Our mission is to enable enterprises worldwide to manage their investments to end poverty as effectively as they measure money, in accountable joint efforts with their business family, business partners, local communities and with their governments.

Our beliefs

  • Poverty is not just about income. Poverty and vulnerability have many dimensions, such as health and education. Poverty needs to be attacked in all its dimensions.
  • Poverty is a global, national, community and personal issue. It needs responses at all levels.
  • Investments in people are best made with evidence-based models with ongoing research and validation.
  • Ending poverty requires joint public-private partnerships with clear accountability.
  • The organizational skills of the for-profit sector are essential for accelerating the ending of poverty.
  • Investing in the measurable concern for the health, growth and prosperity of employees, their households and local communities will re-invigorate the economy.

Our team values

  • We care about those who are poor, poor in the necessities of life. We care about those who are powerful and wealthy. We bring them together to end poverty.
  • We care about listening, looking deeply with respect and building trust.
  • We care about measuring poverty in its many dimensions, as well as the responses that aim to make a difference.
  • We care about independence to offer truthful assessment.
  • We care about bridging the gap between the poor and the rich with pragmatic bridge-building tools.
  • We care about robust, rigorous, deeper research at the world’s greatest institutions of learning that converts into effective ways to end poverty for all.
  • We care about teaching and developing new generations committed to this work.
  • We care about a gender lens to focus on inequality and opportunity.
  • We care about fostering pragmatic compassion, empowerment, and creativity that lead to long-lasting innovative sustainable practices.
  • We care about each other and the poverty within us all, to work together to end poverty.

How will we do this?

  • Establish a global platform for enterprises to implement the business  MPI  amongst employees  and their families, their contractors,  suppliers and supply chains.  
  • Document and Report on impact of private and public-private strategies to move employees and their families out of poverty. 
  • Create and implement a Good Practices Seal. 
  • Maintain a partnership with OPHI for sustained, innovative, pioneering research on all dimensions of poverty. 

Meet Our Team!

John Hammock

Chair of the Board

Jamie Coats

President & CEO

Bruce Glabe

Board Member, CFO

Ana Vaz

Director of Research & Technical Validation

Sofía Pérez

Operations Lead, Latin America

Emma Sprague

Finance & Communication Management Lead

Jennifer Vilas

Board Member, Strategic Parterships

Annie La Court

Technological Lead

Hyemin An

Communication Design Lead

Francisca Rocco

Francisca Rocco

bMPI Project Lead & Operations Support

Neva Rae Fox

Communication Consultant

Roxana Viquez

Corporate Social
Responsibility Expert

Nardin Baker

Quantitative Investment Expert

Phillip Petree

Talent Acquisition Expert

Jack Ferrebee

Employment Law Expert

Michelle Muschett

Senior Policy Advisor

Louise Burnham Packard

Advisor, Strategy & Resource Development

Adrian Hodges

Advisor, Strategic Corporate Partnerships

Suzanne Bowles

Suzanne Bowles

Advisor, Strategic Investment Partnerships

Tyler Woebkenberg

Tyler Woebkenberg

Expert, Platform Architect

Kohl Gill

Kohl Gill

Expert, Worker Generated Intelligence


Sabina Alkire

Director, Oxford Poverty
Human Development Initiative

Mark Mann

Oxford University Innovation

Ana Isen

Board Member