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The Financial Times

Oxford launches poverty-fighting vehicle

Oxford University has been testing out a new poverty-fighting vehicle in Costa Rica that helps companies to identify and tackle hidden poverty in their workforce. Co-founder John Hammock spoke to the FT’s Andrew Jack about the scope and aims of the initiative.
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Oxford University

Poverty research wins Oxford prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize

The University of Oxford is among 22 UK educational institutions announced as winners of Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for research carried out by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).
Her Majesty The Queen approved the award of Queen’s Anniversary Prizes in the thirteenth round of the scheme.

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Africa News

The MPI has come of age, should shape the new dawn

While Covid-19 is sometimes referred to as a great leveller, the MPI may open our eyes to the reality that many are buried below the scale, like blacks in the US.
We will see similar patterns in South Africa when the effects of our racial past and our tinkering with development rear their heads.

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Keeping Poverty Reduction Front and Center

The latest update to the global Multidimensional Poverty Index shows that many countries have made significant progress in improving the lives of the poor over the past decade. Rather than allow these gains to be reversed by the COVID-19 pandemic, governments must seize this moment to redouble their efforts. By Juan Manuel Santos , Sabina Alkire.

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