SOPHIA Oxford launches the Wise Responder Action Kit

January 21, 2021

SOPHIA Oxford launches the Wise Responder Action Kit for “Already Committed” companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to tackle social challenges faced by their employees and their families in a COVID impacted world.  

Companies are already embracing Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG — goals and measurement.

What these companies need are tangible tools that integrate with their systems. They want better data to make better decisions for better investments for better impact.  

The Wise Responder Action Kit has 1) a survey for the whole of Latin America & Caribbean that provides knowledge of your employees’ lives and how to respond to create wellbeing; 2) An information management platform that prioritizes, tracks and integrates solution reporting; and 3) training and support to implement surveys and solutions.

The Wise Responder Action Kit was developed based on testing with companies in Central America. It is available in Latin America & Caribbean directly from SOPHIA and through partners in Chile (DataLab), and Colombia (Inclusion SAS).  

the demo:

To learn more about Wise Responder Action Kit, please contact Sofía Peréz at