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Wise Responder Action Kit (WiRe) is a set of tools that allows the company to understand the level of multidimensional wellbeing of its employees’ families, and to manage programs that improve their quality of life. We offer an integral service that quantifies and maximize the social impact of the company’s actions. Based on an in-depth analysis of the data and on the planning of the social strategy of the company, we promote better targeting and efficient investment of resources. 

The Wise Responder Action Kit is available for companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, directly from SOPHIA Oxford or through its partners DataLab (Chile) Inclusion SAS (Colombia) and RS-Sostenible (Mexico). 

For companies that want to adapt the Wise Responder methodology into their current systems we offer a flexible service to meet specific and custom needs.

Wise Responder Action Kit
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The Wise Responder Action Kit is based on three components, each essential for impact:

  • Asesoria tecnica Technical
  • Plataforma Multidimensional
    wellbeing survey
  • Technological

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and personalized support delivered by expert consultants in sustainability and data analysis, who through a flexible and dynamic methodology will deliver:


We leave installed capacity in your company through a series of training sessions and the delivery of support material.

Analysis of your social management strategy

We strengthen previous experience and make the most of the management systems and tools already used by your company.

Measurement and recommendations

We support you throughout the survey implementation process and its subsequent data analysis. We identify the predominant deprivations, prioritize target groups and recommend effective lines of action that increase the impact of your efforts.

wellbeing survey

Robust digital survey focused on poverty and wellbeing that allows you to know in depth the life situation of your employees and their families. It is composed of: 


It covers the measurement of globally recognized poverty indicators, as well as relevant information for the company such as income, debt and the effects of COVID.


Optional modules that the company can add to delve into topics of interest according to its context.

Technological platform

Platform built in Salesforce that allows you to manage the survey, analyze data, prioritize target groups, track social programs, and measure impact, among other things. It provides all the tools that the company needs to track its actions. 

Direct connection to the digital survey

Data analysis and generation of reports

Possibility of analyzing information according to different indicators and criteria, prioritizing target groups.

Communication campaigns

Possibility of sending communication and mailing campaigns easily and quickly.

Management and impact evaluation of social programs

Registration of programs and monitoring of their progress and impact.

Technical support

Obtaining direct and indirect support, as well as access to resources and program material.

Maximum security

More than 32 security certifications.

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will be the impact?

We transform the way your company generates wellbeing.

The benefits of our approach extend to employees and their families, to the company and to the global effort to achieve sustainable development for all.


log ABInBev

AB InBev

“The new methodology and accompaniment of SOPHIA has made a difference in reaching the homes of our people and being able to know their realities. It has been enriching to start with the development of the first stages where we have managed to empower leaders, middle managers and all collaborators to make this program a platform for everyone. Working together different alternatives that improve our well-being and that of our homes will be the key to making this program successful and thus building a company that will last the next 100 years.


“The interesting thing about all this analysis is that everything is just a “click away”, the amount of information and data that we are having is impressive. Information is power, information helps you make correct decisions, align yourself. All of this will help us to be more efficient, more effective.” 


“The company has had support programs in the past, but this methodology allows us to review, redefine and confirm the programs we were working on, now counting on the support of all of us who work in the company. It is allowing us to add to our corporate culture a more complete idea of mutual support between collaborators and our families” 

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