New Citi GPS Report: Eliminating Poverty, a $1.6 Trillion Opportunity to Improve the Lives of Millions

February 10, 2022

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions (GPS) has released a report titled “ELIMINATING POVERTY — The importance of a Multidimensional Approach in Tackling SDG1”.

“The ground-breaking report provides an overview of measures of poverty in the global economy and then addresses how the MPI methodology allows for more nuanced and effective interventions, which can drive both social inclusion and economic growth. The report includes case studies of where the multidimensional poverty approach has been used successfully at a country level and at the corporate level, and concludes with how to use this approach to harness finance and realize the ambition of SDG 1 — No poverty. In this report, Citi’s researchers and data scientists have partnered with the SOPHIA Oxford team to help bring this world-class methodology more broadly to the business & financial world.” (BUSINESS WIRE /