High-Level Side Event UNGA 2020

September 25, 2020

High-Level Side Event UNGA 2020


Thursday 24th September 2020, 09:00 (New York)

Remarks by Jamie Coats, President & CEO of SOPHIA Oxford
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Poverty reduction is not just at a crossroads, but as a consequence of the pandemic at a hole in the road that governments alone cannot fill.

This high-level event is a call for committed and effective leadership to bring poverty to the fore and for us join efforts, to join efforts to wisely respond in partnership with those being left behind.  BUT how?

This call for leadership must go beyond governments and include private sector leaders by asking them to look inside their own companies.

Oxford University, which as we know is helping produce a vaccine for COVID, has also created SOPHIA Oxford, it first social enterprise, to bring the Alkire Foster methodology that is behind Global and National MPIs to the private sector.

The private sector is being vocal that it wants to help. The private sector loves good data to better target limited resources for measurable the impact. That is what Multidimensional Poverty Indices do. We need the private sector to join governments on the same MPI page.

For this reason, we are launching a trial in Latin America in next few months to equip businesses to measure and analyze the challenges and deprivations affecting their employees and their families, to inform programs and strategies to increase their wellbeing.

In order to fill that hole in the road and get on an even better track to deliver the SDGs, public-private partnerships are essential. Getting businesses using the MPI, the business MPI, is a powerful way to wisely align efforts and channel the increasing calls for transformed business models to achieve a sustainable and inclusive development.

SOPHIA Oxford asks you to encourage your country’s businesses to join in using the MPI tool and make sure we all build forward better in partnership.

By SophiaOxford.org